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Want to take the next step in your lash career? It’s time to step it up and offer the most popular lash service in the UK - Volume lashes!


Our Volume Course is the next step you will want to take in your lash career once you feel confident with Classics. You won’t be able to do this Volume course until you have completed a Classic Beginner course and gained all that basic knowledge first. We recommend waiting at least 3 months from your Classic training to move onto Volume (Russian) training. In this course you will learn how to apply multiple synthetic lashes onto one natural lash. This course has been designed for students with no experience of Russian application. All of our courses are fully accredited, allowing you to get insurance afterwards. 

Training begins at 10am and finishes around 2pm unless different times have been agreed. Your manual will be sent to you before hand so you can read this through before coming and then we will touch on theory in class before spending most of the day working on the practical. There will only ever be 2 students per class so this is a really personal session meaning you will have plenty of time with the tutor to ask as many questions as you need.


Please note: You must be 16 to enrol on this course and already been trained in Classic application. We ask that students arrange their own model wherever possible; the alternative is to work on a mannequin head in class but this is not best practice so do find a model if you can. You will be responsible on the day for telling them to come in at the time you feel ready to start working on them once you've had enough fan practice so it is wise to choose someone who lives local to the academy as your model will be unable to sit in for the whole course. We suggest you chose a friend, sibling or someone you feel comfortable working on who doesn't have too high expectations of you as it will be your first ever time doing this style of lashing so you don't want to feel pressured. You can also assess your model’s lashes prior to the course to make sure they are suitable for the treatment if it is someone close to you. Your model can also come in for a patch test prior to treatment should they wish, if not they will be required to sign a waiver on the day to say they are happy to go ahead without one.

Course price includes a full kit worth £204 with all the essentials you will need:​

  • LA Beauty Lab Lash Bath

  • LA Beauty Lab 0.03D Mixed Lash Tray

  • LA Beauty Lab 0.05DD Mixed Lash Tray

  • LA Beauty Lab 0.05CC Mixed Lash Tray

  • LA Beauty Lab Tweezer Cleaner

  • LA Beauty Lab Fast Adhesive

  • LA Beauty Lab Mega Tweezers

  • LA Beauty Lab Isolation Tweezers

  • LA Beauty Lab Super Bonder

  • LA Beauty Lab Primer

  • LA Beauty Lab Cream Remover

  • LA Beauty Lab Pen

  • Roll of Pink ​Tape

  • Glue Wells

  • Jade Stone

  • 50x Lip Wands

  • 50x Sealant Wands

  • Nano Mister

  • Fan

  • Lash Mirror

Should you wish to make any changes to your kit, please let us know in advance. If you have trained in our Classic course you will already have a Nano Mister, Fan, Jade Stone, Lash Mirror and 2x Isolation Tweezers (and you shouldn't need these items again as they last a long time) so you may want to consider substituting these items for other products that add up to the same amount instead e.g. more lash trays. Just let us know what you would like to take out of the kit and what you want it to be replaced with; if the products add up to more, you can pay the difference. Please note if you are taking certain items out of the kit because you already own them, you would be expected to bring them from home to practice on your live model on the day.

Course Price - £375 inc. VAT


To book onto this course please message @labeautylabacademy on Instagram for the fastest response. If you don’t have Instagram please email We will find a date and time to accommodate you then require a £100 non-refundable deposit to confirm booking. The remaining payment will need to be made a week prior to your course when you will be sent your manual for pre-course reading. If remaining payment is made early, you will also receive your manual early. 

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