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Nano Mister & Portable Phone Charger

Nano Mister & Portable Phone Charger

This handy little 2 in 1 is a must have for good retention. Nano misters spray out the perfect amount of moisture to help cure your glue quicker meaning your clients won’t have to wait a whole 48 hours before getting their lashes wet. This also helps with any stinging after treatment as the water helps ease any sensitivity. Spray 15cm away from clients eyes for 10 seconds. This is also a handy phone charger perfect for mobile lash techs. Even if you’re not a lash tech this is the perfect product for holidays, festivals etc! A handy little phone charger and water sprayer in one to cool you down on those warmer days; what more could you want?!
Please keep device dry to prevent water damage. Store standing up with the phone charging side up.
For a video on how to use it, check out our products highlight on Instagram.

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